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Cosmic Ordering Guide: 
Where Dreams Can Become Reality
Author: Stephen Richards
ISBN: 1902578244 RRP: £7.99 Publication date: 06.06.06

Paperback book written by The Golden Pen Stephen Richards reveals his rags to riches story after following cosmic ordering since 1996.

The New Age phenomenon called Cosmic Ordering is not as new as some might believe. Media coverage relating to how UK TV presenter Noel Edmonds highlighted his renewed success has prompted the author to be brave enough to admit how Cosmic Ordering (United Field Theory) has also worked for him. The author, on first learning about this, was very sceptical, trying other beliefs first and then eventually this worked for him and now he is a devotee of the cosmos. Learn how to fast track your wishes and create a direct link to the cosmos. 

The author provides irrefutable documentary proof of his rages to riches success, claiming to have won ££££s in a few months and reveals how Cosmic Ordering turned his life around from having no money at all to becoming a property developer, author, TV consultant, radio broadcaster and as a result is wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. Now, after years of studying, he has fine honed his cosmic connection technique and says: 

"Why wait for the winning lottery number, following my guidance you will 
find you can achieve almost anything." 

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Extracts from Cosmic Ordering Guide:


Super Fast Track Your Cosmic Order

It has been suggested that man cannot become one with the universe, that it is impossible. I am not going to argue about this, as I am not preaching to the cynics. You have faith in yourself, and in time you will come to make your own cosmic connection. I will leave it for you to decide if you became one with the universe. 

 In an earlier chapter I showed you how to convey your desires to the cosmos, but here I am going to show you a way to fast track your order. You will have a direct link and, therefore, will have a chance to secure things more rapidly than you would have believed possible. There is no secret to what you will soon be doing.


Please read through what follows in this chapter and familiarise yourself with the guidelines. Even do a practice run a few times, if you wish. Remember, do not try too hard. The point of this method is to become as relaxed as possible. One word of warning: it is not worthwhile doing this when you are fatigued, as you may just fall asleep. Mentally suggest to yourself that you will remember all that occurs during the upcoming session, and that it will be beneficial to your well-being.

Step 1 – Find a quiet thinking place
This could be any place you find comfortable. You might have dropped a friend off somewhere, and they have asked if you can wait for them. Lock the car doors and take advantage of the spare time. Please do not try this in any place where you could be vulnerable to harm or attack from strangers, e.g. public places. Even the garden shed can be a place of cosmic peace. A strong word of warning: if you live near an electricity sub-station, pylon, or any large electrical installation, you may be better off going someplace away from these interferences.

Step 2 – Relax
Relaxing and winding down are not things we are all accustomed to doing. Our modern world is full of fast-living gadgetry, and time-saving devices. Relaxing goes against all that has been instilled in us. Learn to sit down and relax in surroundings that are comfortable. Remove any jewellery that may irritate you, and draw the curtains or close the blinds. Just let yourself go, close your eyes.

Step 3 – Become one with yourself
Becoming one with yourself means to become attuned to your inner self. Please make yourself comfortable. Sit down or lie down. Adjust your clothing . . . footwear . . . eyeglasses.

· Quiet your mind  . . . 
· Still your thoughts . . .
· Relax your body . . .
· Feel your face . . . your jaw . . . relaxing . . .
· Feel your shoulders . . . your neck  . . . relaxing
· Your arms . . . your hands . . . feel at peace . . .
· Your torso . . . your hips . . . letting go . . .
· Your legs . . . your feet . . . totally relaxed . . . 
· Focus on your breathing.
· Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose . . .
· Retain the breath as long as is comfortable . . .
· Exhale through the mouth slowly and completely . . .
· Repeat (inhale 1, exhale 2, inhale 3 . . . until you are comfortable)

Step 4 – Influence yourself to relax even more
The phone should be unplugged (don’t forget to plug it back in afterwards!). Play some soothing music; ensure that the room temperature is neither too hot, nor too cold. Refrain from drinking stimulants prior to this. Make sure that others are aware of your relaxation period. Use the toilet beforehand if need be. 

Step 5 – Visualise what you want, see yourself doing it
Imagery is a powerful tool. Prior to this you should have been using such a tool to prepare what you will be focusing on at this stage. Perhaps, as an example, if you are good at, or enjoy watching football, you will imagine yourself kicking a ball at the cosmos, each ball loaded with a request. You can do this with almost anything you want. Imagine yourself in a great big garden, for you gardeners. Each seed you plant, or new plant you put in the soil, is a request. Have a quick practice run, so you get the hang of it. 

Step 6 – Be absolutely positive beyond belief 
At this stage you should have unwavering belief in what you are doing, and an air of expectancy.

Step 7 – Eradicate negative thoughts 
Eradicate negative thoughts from your mind; each negative thought is a thieving hand come to steal your requests. Counter the thief by sending an imaginary policeman to arrest it. Remember how we turned negatives into positives; use that tool to rid yourself of doubt. Doubtful thoughts can come back to haunt you.

Step 8 – Refocus your thoughts
Having trouble refocusing? Get quiet. Stop what you are doing, and just sit or lie down for 5 minutes. Close your eyes to eliminate visual stimuli. If your thoughts are still racing, focus on your breathing. When your thoughts have calmed down, redirect them to the positive thought or feeling you want to focus on. Take a minute or two to immerse yourself in it before you go on.

Step 9 – Cosmic Connection
Now you are ready to start connecting ... extract ends, see the rest in the book.


Accelerated Cosmic Connection

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist I have placed many clients in a hypnotic state. During a session clients can bring messages from: 

· other aspects of themselves
· other dimensions of reality
· their unconscious mind
· another entity

 However, in this case, you will be fine-tuning your self-hypnosis skills in order to make a deeper cosmic connection. Most certainly, the method you used in the preceding chapter will have connected you to the cosmos, have no worries about that. This method will allow you a different way to connect besides activating your cosmic eye. There are advantages to using self-hypnosis to induce a state of connection, and these are:

· allows for a smoother transition and thus avoids the ‘bang’ affect
· allows you to remain in the linear time to which you are accustomed
· speeds up the function of the cosmic eye without conscious effort
· makes better use of your subconscious under a controlled situation
· stimulates other areas of brain function

 You will be in control of yourself throughout self-induced hypnosis, have no fear about that. The stage hypnotists you see on TV, or in pubs and clubs, only use people who would normally do outrageous things. I could do such tricks, but my code of ethics makes me a far better person than to try to turn people into laughing stocks. You will not turn yourself into one of those 
people using this method. This is a clinical matter, not a matter for theatrics.

 Already, today, whilst you have gone about your everyday duties, you would have slipped into trance at least half a dozen times, without even noticing it. All you are going to do now is to slip into such a trance at will, as opposed to how you usually do it throughout the day. Have you ever noticed that when talking to a friend, they may not have been listening to a word you said, although they were looking right at you? Perhaps something that you said early on triggered them to go into trance. Even just looking at something (fascination) can send you off into trance; that is how easy it is to slip into. Ask someone for directions and they go into a trance-like state; watch them look up into their brain. You have just put someone into a trance.

Then there is the person who totally denies ever having been in trance, and who defies any effort to go into trance, through fear of looking silly. Well, too late, they have already been in trance. This is not to be perceived as a battle of wills. In fact, the more intelligent a person is, the easier it is for them to slip off into trance ... extract ends, see the rest in the book.